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Tajweed, Memorization, Translation and Tafseer; Come learn Quran online with us

Flexible timing

Our teachers and the staff is available 24 Hours, so students can choose the timing most suitable for them.

20+ languages

We have teachers expert in 20+ popular languages, like Eng, Urdu, Arabic, German... which makes learning more than easier.

Global Quran Academy

male/female staff

We have both male and female staff available. Female students can choose to learn from females.

one-on-one classes

Our One-on-One classes gives the most safe and peaceful environment for your kids to learn better

About Us

Global Quran Institute is leading Online Quran Academy serving the sacred cause of Quran Teaching. Because in some parts, there are no or less Muslim Schools and Mosques, We started 5 years ago, with the aim of making Quran Learning Accessible, easier and safer for everyone across the globe. Today with the help of Allah, we are a brand name in teaching Holy Quran Online. With highly Qualified male and female teachers, we have taught more than 150 Students till now. 

We have teachers available who speak 20+ Popular Languages like English, Urdu, German, Arabic… Which makes us stand as a worldwide Online Quran Teaching Academy. So Take a free trial and come learn Quran online with us.

Learn Quran Online

Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

Best among you is the one who learnt Quran and taught it to others

We teach Quran as a sacred duty

We currently offer Tajweed Reading, Memorization (Hifz), Translation & Tafseer, Complete Islamic Education Course and Hadith Learning Course to male and female kids and adults. Relatively, Our Teachers are highly Qualified, experienced and well trained. For female students, we have female staff available. 


Each course we offer is perpetually complete in it’s area. Our courses are well designed, organized and easy to learn. Usually, students with no prior knowledge to Quran Reading and Reciting take Tajweed Reading Course. Students may also choose Memorization course which includes Reading Course for students who don’t know reading. Students who can read Quran can take translation course. Tafseer Course is currently available only for Females. Take a free trial and Come learn Quran Online with us

Class duration for each course is different as per the content and size of course. Tajweed Reading and Islamic education courses are 30 Minutes / class for either 12 or 20 Classes per month. Because Memorization and Tafseer Courses require more effort, their duration is 60 Minutes / Class with 20 Classes per month. Translation classes are 30 Minutes; 12 per month.

Time of completion of each course is different as all courses are different by nature. Usually Tajweed Reading Course takes 12 to 24 Months totally depending upon student’s abilities and efforts. Memorization and Tafseer Course may take more time than, because of More Material and extra sections.

Unlike other online Quran Teaching Academies, our fees are affordable for everyone. Because we are a school not business Donations for each and every course varies as per the size, difficulty and duration of course classes. Click me to Check our Donation/fee plans

For your satisfaction, we offer a 3 days free trial. As a result, you can check our teachers, teaching method and if you are not satisfied with teacher, you can actually choose to take another free trial with a new teacher. So what are you waiting for?

Register for a 3 Days Free Trial and Come Learn Quran Online

Don’t worry, it just needs a Skype id to start. 

What Our Students Say

I am so so grateful to Global Quran Institute for teaching my kids Quran so well. Teachers are so friendly. Environment is just so peaceful. I will always recommend it.
Amir Shahid
Global Quran Institute is the best Quran Academy as Teachers and teaching methods are best. Moreover, a person is always guiding you . God Bless You.
Girl Sitting
Aiman Arshad
It was such good experience sending my kids to Global Quran Institute. Alhamdulillah, my kids have learnt Quran well here. So, I Will surely recommend GQI.
Learn Quran Online
Majid Bilal


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Learn Quran Online


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Learn Quran Online

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