Basic Tajweed (Qaida)

Basic Tajweed Course

Fundamental Qaida Learning

When starting the journey of Learning Quran, Qaida course is just necessary to learn. As it acts as a guide to Alphabets and rules and regulations of reading Quran. It also teaches the students how to make words. We teach Qaida with Tajweed which lays foundation for Tajweed Quran Reading. Of all the courses, we focus this course the most. As if the base is strong, it becomes easy to carve the building. Any student who don’t know reading Quran can take this course. Those kids and adults who want to improve their Tajweed can also take this course. Here are a few of basics we cover in this course:

  1. Arabic Quranic Alphabets and their pronunciation.
  2. Short Vowels (Called Harakat)
  3. Long Vowels (Called Huroof e Maddah)
  4. Soft Vowels
  5. Consonants
  6. Tanween
  7. Laws of Raa
  8. Noon Sakinah
  9. Noon Qutni
  10. Proper stopping (Waqf)
  11. Rules of Laam
  12. Ghunna
  13. And everything

Learning Basic Tajweed in Course

The educator begins with the principal exercise helping your articulate the letter sets and the hints of them. At that point you uncommon elevated to the signs and hints of the signs that will make the peruser ready to absolute the word with the ups and down of the Quranic words. This is the fundamental period of learning Basic Tajweed. After this part you become to peruse the expressions of the Holy Quran, at last make you independent in perusing the Quran with Tajweed.

At GlobalQuranInstitute, we realize how to show your and your children exercise by exercise and take the understudies at the level whereupon he/she can peruse Quran by his/herself. What about taking 3 days free trial and checking how we teach this Qaida Course?


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