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Muslim Community lives almost everywhere on Earth. People living in Muslim countries have access to Muslim Schools and Mosques to learn Quran. But Muslim people living in western countries and other non-Muslim Countries face big problem in teaching their kids the Holy Quran and Islamic Education as they have no or less access to mosques and Islamic schools. To solve this problem, We; a group of experienced Islamic Tutors; took a big step and started this Online Quran Academy. We aimed at making Quran learning accessible and safer for everyone on Earth. And Alhamdulillah, with the Help of Allah and hard work and dedication of our highly Qualified Teaching and Managing Staff today we are a brand name in teaching Quran and Islamic Education Online. Till now, we have taught more than 150 students from all over the globe. We had and have students from America, Canada, Ireland, Netherland, England, UAE, Saudi Arabia and a lot more countries.

Our Tutors

Our teachers are highly qualified, well experienced, well mannered, dedicated and expert in their respective teaching area. While Hiring teachers, we do our best to choose only those with all best qualities which a teacher and especially Quran teacher should have. At start and also from time to time, we workshop our Tutors to polish them with best and modern teaching methods, communication skills, student interaction and much more. We carve them as soft and really hard working. We focus Not just the Islamic Education but also the school and language education of teachers. Our tutors are expert in most popular languages such as English, Arabic, German, Urdu and Hindi which takes student teacher interaction to a new peak. As a result, our students always learn well and Quickly.
For female students, we have best in the field Female Teachers with great experience and really high qualifications. Our female staff is dedicated and hardworking producing the best results and teaching female students the best way. As a result of all this effort,  we are now a brand online Quran Academy. So, Want to have areal experience? Take a free trial Now

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Our Fees

Unlike other academies, our fees are affordable for everyone as it is Our mission is to spread Quran learning to every part of world not just for riches but for everyone. Thus, we don’t charge more than teacher salaries and academy expenses. For two or more siblings, there is even more discount.

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